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Five Benefits of Using the Elmo Document Camera

Elmo is a renowned brand in the world of technology, and the Elmo document camera is making many waves with its amazing technology. Before addressing the benefits of using these cameras, let us look at what makes them special.

Specifications of the Elmo Document Camera

The Elmo document camera has a variety of cameras with different specifications. An ideal example is the Elmo TT-12iD Document Camera, which has an efficient power consumption technology (DC 12V). Therefore, users have the advantage of low power consumption. Unlike old times where electronic gadgets consumed a lot of power, this document camera proves very efficient. This particular camera has an image sensor with dimensions 1/2.8 inches CMOS, and lens with varying specifics. The frame rate is 30 fps. It can zoom up to 8x the actual size of the target image or object.

It creates a stunning display of the texts and 3D images or objects with great resolution. It has an auto focus button, which makes it easy to focus on anything with a simple one-touch auto focus button. Moreover, it has an in-built microphone that has both input and output features.

Innovative Features of the Elmo Document Camera

Why many businesses and even colleges and schools are using the Elmo Document Camera is their versatility. They work with almost all kinds of multimedia technology. You can connect them with Interactive whiteboards, LED monitors, microphones, and even microscopes. They have other amazing features such as a split screen, color filtering, masking, mosaic, etc. Some models come with an inbuilt document camera projector.

Benefits of Using the Elmo Document Camera

1.     Easy to maintain

Unlike other document cameras, this particular brand designs its cameras for easy self-maintenance. The compact design does not allow dust particles to interfere with the lens. Besides, the material used in designing the body of the Elmo document camera is easy to wipe and clean. It does not damage easily and is quite strong.

2.     Versatile and flexible

The Elmo document camera design is flexible enough to work with all kinds of devices. It can connect to a smart board, whiteboard, television, and various devices. When you need to present 3D images to a large audience, you can display the images on an interactive whiteboard. This makes the data more

3.     Portable

The Elmo document camera is a wireless document camera, which means you do not have to connect it or fix it to a single spot. You can move it around conveniently, and use it in all kinds of situations. Whether you have to present in a conference room, or at a seminar, whether you have to present in a small classroom, you can easily move it and use it. You can also find a special document camera for the classroom if you want.

4.     Energy efficient

There will be no huge bills to pay because this device works with minimal power consumption. You can use it for several hours without worrying about seeing huge bulls at the end of the month.

5.     Affordable

Upon comparing the convenience and durability of the Elmo document camera with its price, it is clear that every penny you spend on this device is worth it. Over all, this cheap document camera is a good investment, especially for businesses and educators.

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