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What is the Hemp Oil CBD Patch (40mg CBD)?

Searching for the best CBD patches available to be purchased? Attempt Immaculate Proportions.

Each bundle contains (1) 40 mg CBD Topical fix.

There are many occupied individuals who don’t have sufficient energy to take supplements each day and regularly neglect to take that next serving on time – If this portrays you, at that point the Unadulterated Proportions CBD Transdermal Patches are an ideal approach to get your CBD without fussing about it. The topical fix is intended to give your body 40mg CBD more than 96 hours. This is a significantly substantial measure of CBD. For example, most serving sizes of our hemp oil drops have 4mg-7.5mg CBD. So in case you’re searching for a high persistent serving, this CBD oil fix is completely an incredible choice. In the event that you discover it’s excessively solid, spare it for the days you truly require a lift and supplement with a tincture or lower quality ointment.

The CBD Fix is hypoallergenic and confirmed non-GMO. It’s pressed with fundamental oils and phytonutrients, as CBD and terpenes, to help general wellbeing. Like the greater part of our items, this fix contains 0.3% THC or less, which means it’s completely non-psychoactive.

Store in a cool, dry place until the point when you’re prepared to utilize it

Water safe (however maintain a strategic distance from salt water or chlorine)

40mg CBD


Useful for 96 hours

Supercritical CO2 separated hemp oil

All Normal

Confirmed Non-GMO

What is the Hemp Oil CBD Fix (40mg CBD)?

Hemp CBD oil is an oil removed from the Modern hemp plant. Hemp oil can be utilized as a major aspect of a dietary program to keep up and bolster general wellbeing.

Unadulterated Proportion’s CBD fix is made to offer moderate ingestion of a powerful 40mg serving size of CBD. It is the perfect arrangement in the event that you need CBD to take a shot at a focused on territory, and CBD patches are likewise awesome in the event that you experience difficulty making sure to utilize tinctures or don’t have sufficient energy to vape oils or take CBD consistently.

How to Utilize the CBD Oil Fix (40mg CBD)?

For best outcomes, put on a spotless and dry surface of the skin. There’s a little liquor sheet in the bundle so you can clean the region before putting the fix on your skin.


  1. Clean the range of skin where you’ll put the fix
  2. Expel the printed liner from the fix
  3. Immovably press the fix onto your skin

The fix follows best on zones with negligible hair. Attempt to abstain from putting the fix in territories where you flex a considerable measure. In the event that you’d get a kick out of the chance to put the fix on your knee, apply it either above or underneath the joint so it remains on.

To exploit every one of the 40mg of CBD, the fix ought to be worn ceaselessly for up to 96 hours.

Try not to get item in your eyes. The CBD fix is not planned for delayed presentation to salt water or chlorine.


Hemp (CBD*)

Common terpenes (myristate, palmatitate, limonene) coconut oil

Soy lecithin, aloe verapolysaccarides, linolic and oleic corrosive

Sweet almond oil

Red palm oil

Shea spread

Sunflower oil remove

Perseagratissima oil

Eucalyptus oil

Sage and citrus fundamental oils

Noncrystalline carbon particles

Why CBD Hemp Fix (40mg CBD)?

No cement is assimilated into circulation system, just unadulterated prescription is ingested.

No chemicals included like DMSO (which is unlawful in CA).

Uses entire plant supercritical CO2 separated oil to give the greater part of the integrity of the common plant.

Patches give exact proportions, and bigger amounts of accessible cannabinoids for conveyance.

Patches give quick and compelling conveyance of prescription outside the stomach related process giving undiluted ingestion of cannabinoids into the circulation system.

Unadulterated Proportions CBD Patches give an essentially longer time of dosing, ordinarily 3-4 days (up to 96 hours) in view of our exceptional store outline.

Water safe glue stays put to take into account delayed grip to skin surface, advancing long haul conveyance.

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