Uncommon sight of robin in Beijing causes blend and Brexit jokes

The uncommon appearance of an European robin in Beijing has created some excitement among Chinese nature fans.

Several flying creature watching picture takers rushed to the Beijing Zoo last Friday after word spread that an European robin had been spotted there.

The red-breasted fowl is basic crosswise over Europe however is once in a while found in Beijing – it’s solitary the third time one has been recorded in the capital.

Some birdwatchers have kidded the robin may be a “Brexit displaced person”.

“It’s extremely uncommon to see [the European robin] in Beijing,” Terry Townshend, originator of Birding Beijing told the BBC.

“Very nearly 200 picture takers stayed outdoors for it. I figure many individuals need to [capture it] in light of the fact that it’s an extremely photogenic feathered creature and it has that kind of outlandish feel.”

Winged creatures in odd spots

Mr Townshend was among the 200 picture takers who stayed outdoors at Beijing Zoo last Friday.

He said he got some answers concerning the locating through flying creature watching bunches on WeChat – an informing application in China.

“Many individuals connect the winged animal with Britain… [so] somebody in the WeChat aggregate considered the fowl a ‘Brexit displaced person’ on the grounds that [they clowned that it was] getting away from the political mayhem in the UK,” said Mr Townshend. Read More: Ary News, Ary Digital, Ary Sports, CNN

“At that point the name sort of just got on truly.”

Rarely for robins to relocate and it is hazy how this one may have landed so far from home.

“It typically lives in Europe [and] Beijing is somewhere around 1,500 miles of where it ought to regularly be,” said Mr Townshend. “Yet, almost certainly, this feathered creature is from the eastern piece of Europe and not Britain.”

“We don’t generally realize why flying creatures in some cases turn up in odd spots, it may be identified with climate, when they are moving they could be passed up solid breezes.”

Anyway it arrived, the European robin is relied upon to remain in Beijing for a little while to come.






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