Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai January 7 Written Update: Naira feels that Kartik doesn’t find her pretty anymore

Kartik acknowledges Naira for defying the individuals who were jabbing fun at her pregnancy. Alternate understudies who have desired the examination apologize to Naira for ridiculing her. Naira is sure that Kartik will be an incredible dad to their kid. Naira leaves for the examination lobby to give her test. Kartik wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer. Dadi calls Kartik and inquires as to whether they have achieved the sanctuary.

Keerti converses with her unborn youngster and advises that they should appreciate at the godbharai work. Naira leaves the examination corridor to go to the washroom yet the invigilator doesn’t enable her to come back to the lobby to present the paper. Naira is incredibly miffed with the invigilator for not giving her a chance to finish the paper. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Kartik placates her. Outside the examination corridor, a couple of young ladies perceive Kartik and value him for his address recordings on the web. He clicks a selfie with them and this makes Naira desirous.

Kartik and Naira achieve home for the godbharai. They imagine as though they are coming back from a sanctuary however her ID card falls on the floor.

She goes to prepare for the capacity. Kartik compliments by saying she is looking charming. Naira is disturbed in light of the fact that she needs to hear more from him.

Kartik showers blossoms on Keerti when she touches base for the godbharai service. He likewise gets Naira and takes her in his arms. The Goenkas praise the Godbharai service by gift the two anticipating young ladies in the family. Kartik takes a pic with Naira and reveals to her that she is looking charming. Naira isn’t content with the compliment.

Luv and Kush need to find out about Godbharai customs. Dadi clarifies what it is. At that point she requests that the men leave with the goal that the ladies can begin celebrating. Kartik advises Naira to advise Dadi to enable him to remain back.

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